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Petén Lowlands

Aguateca has a very distinctive history and was the scene of an invasion and destruction...        more...

  Altar de Sacrificios is a mid sized site, located on La Pasión river, near the confluence with the Usumacinta River, that developed in the Pre Classic...   more

Cancuén  (Place of the Serpents) is located in the Southern region of Sayaxché, Petén on La Pasión river, .. more

  Ceibal was first inhabited in the Middle Pre Classic Period around 800 B.C., then the city grew in size and....  more

Cival is a Preclassic site, (middle to Late Preclassic) located 6.5 north from Holmul in Petén, on the same ...  more

  Dos Pilas Its Impressive Hieroglyphic staircases, tells the history of the biggest War among the Maya....more
  Holmul The Holmul region in Northeastern Petén has been the focus of investigating lately, although it was first... more
  Holtún Located on the road from Flores to Yaxhá, this Classic site has large Stucco Masks     more
  La Corona (Site Q):  in April 2005 a long sought Maya site was finally indentified...  more
  La Sufricaya It is a Pre-Classic site dating from 300 BC to 250 AD, located 1.2 Km. west of Holmul  features Mural... more
  Machaquilá  is a middle Classic to late Classic city, that flourished in the IX century AD, located 45 Km. northeast of Cancuén... more

El Mirador:  Just north of Tikal, in Petén, Guatemala, the Mirador Basin region is home to El Mirador, the largest ancient city of the Mayan world and .. more


Naachtún The ancient city of Naachtun is situated in the heart of the Maya region, in northern Guatemala. It was ..  more

  Nakbé  Probably the oldest and one of the largest Maya Sites is located...more



Nakúm Is a Classic site located north of Yaxhá and Naranjo... more

  Naranjo (Saal Kingdom) is a large site (8  Km2), located between the Mopán and Holmul rivers Basins, that was founded in the Middle Pre Classic...  more
  Piedras Negras   One of the Largest Maya sites that is becoming a Lost City again, hardly...more
  Polol This site, maybe has the oldest inscription in an sculptured monument in the Petén  Lowlands... more


Quiriguá Home of The Largest Stela in the Maya world... more


Río Azul Located 80 Km north east from Tikal, The Río Azul National park has several sites the most important is Río Azul, is a remote Major Early Classic site,...   more


San Bartolo The Oldest and by far the Finest Maya Murals are...more


Tayasal  The ancient city of Tayasal, or Tah Itzá Capital of the Itzá in the Post Classic, after they migrated from Chichèn Itzá, is now the city of Flores, the capitol of the department of... more

  Tikal Was The Super Power in the Classic Maya world with the name of Mutul, on 1979 Was the First UNESCO World Heritage Monument in the world...  more

  Topoxté A former outpost of Yaxhá, becomes the largest Post Classic site in Petén... more

  Uaxactún  was a major Mayan city, home of the oldest known Observatory of the Classic Maya world...  more


Waka' Formerly known as El Perú, Waka' has proven that Women play a key role in Maya Kingship ...   more

  Yaxhá This Classic Maya site is located between Lakes Sacnab and Yaxhá and ...   more

Punta de Chimino
   Other Sites in Petén: Thousands of Maya sites exist in Petén..... more




































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