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Kaminaljuy˙'s Gallery

Site entrance

Structure K
Incense Burner Late Classic

Stela 11, ca 250 AD, detail, Earliest example of the Jester God Headdress

Preclassic Incised Tripod

Early Classic Strcture

Preclassic Pregnant Figuririne

Early Preclassic, stone toad

Early Preclassic  Pot (

Stela 2 Classic

Burial 15

Early Classic Figurine

Structure D Stucco Details

Stela 11 Late Preclassic

 Drawing Structures A and D
Early Classic

Stela 1 Miraflores Museum Zone 11

Guatemala City Mound and Modern Building

Pre Classic Sculptures

Stone Sculpture

Central Acropolis

Interior of Temple

Excavations at Central Plaza

Step of Temple

Early Classic Ceramic
Excavations at Central Plaza
We were actually allowed to walk around the ruin, which was pretty cool.
Excavated Temple

Excavated Temple

Late Classic Vase Metropolitan Art Museum NY

Serpent pot, Popol Vuh Museum

Hact Early Classic


Miraflores Museum
Ceramic in Miraflores Museum



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